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Grave Lines - Welcome to Nothing CD

by Tash Murphy and Grave Lines

£8.00 / Sold Out

Grave Lines debut LP CD in Jewel case with lyrics and artwork.

"Grave Lines is the latest riff-laden extreme metal beast to come slithering up out of London's grubby dark corners. Given that the band counts among its ranks members of local stalwarts Dysteria, Dead Existence, Sea Bastard, Casual Nun, and Landskap, it's no surprise that their debut album, Welcome to Nothing, is a thoroughly miserable, down-tuned affair.

It's definitely heavy, but it's not sludge, and it's not pure doom, either; it's certainly not stoner rock (though it does swing like a villain from the gallows). It's a dark, murky blend of all three, and serves as a fine introduction to a band who will undoubtedly soon be one of the brightest stars in the London underground.

Welcome to Nothing is out on CD and digitally on now with a vinyl edition to come later this year."

- Kim Kelly Noisey/Vice